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Final Power Systems Checks

In this segment, power is applied to Marlyns main power systems, and the vital control surfaces are checked. 

Step 1: Activate Motor Power

Enable power to each battery by pressing the ‘Activate Motor Power’ button as shown.

You will notice the anti-collision lights on Marlyn will start shining, indicating that Marlyn is not safe to approach. 

From this point on the motors are powered, but they will not turn on unless you press the arm switch (D). Stay clear of the propellers from this point onwards.

Deactivate Power Before Removing Batteries

Step 2: Test Rotating Wingtips

Once the motor power is activated, press the ‘Test Rotating Wingtips’ button to enable the automatic control surfaces check. You will notice Marlyn’s wingtips moving slowly to the extents as shown. Verify that the movement is smooth and unimpeded, and also that the wingtips reset to the neutral at the end.

Motor Power

In this passive step, the power to Marlyn’s motors is checked to ensure they are operating correctly.

Step 3: Complete Checklist

Once these steps have been completed, press ‘Ready’ to complete the checklist and proceed to the Flight Screen.