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Procedures with the Micasense Cameras

If the Altum or RedEdge sensors are selected, it is important to follow these steps to ensure a successful survey and maintenance of the camera.

1. Make a picture of the calibration board, the DLS should show a blue flashing light.

2. It is important to turn off the Altum before removing the batteries of Marlyn. You can turn off the Altum by pushing and holding the button on the DLS until the lights go out

3. Remove the batteries of the Marlyn

More information on working with the Altum can be found in the separately provided manual. 

'Continue From Previous' Function

If you reach the furthest extent of your battery but still have some flight lines remaining, it is possible to the execute the remaining flight lines on a proceeding flight after changing in fresh batteries. You can also use this function for mapping large areas without making multiple flight plans.

If Marlyn has landed before the end of a Mapping Region, you will get a pop up as shown. 

To continue immediately to the checklist screen to fly the remaining flight lines, press ‘Continue’, to save the remaining flight lines for later as a locked flight plan press ‘Save’, and to ignore the remaining flight lines, press ‘Discard’ which will remove them from Navigator’s memory.

Preparations Before Continued Flight

If ‘Continue’ is pressed, the screen will change to the checklist screen. Press ‘Reset checklist’ to bring the checklist back to its original starting point. If you look back to the Flight plan screen now, you will see that the remaining flight lines are shown as a locked flight plan as shown.

If continuing from a previous flight, make sure that Marlyn has been completely powered off and that the autopilot has been reset by removing both batteries.    

Locked Flight Plans

For a locked flight plan it is possible to still change the transition altitude, safety features, and the home location, but it is not possible to change the shape of the flight plan, overlap, the flight altitude, or the flight line direction.

To ignore the previous data and make a new flight plan, click the padlock icon in the top right corner of the flight plan which unlocks the flight plan. This will show a warning which explains that unlocking the flight plan and changing any core parameters will result in the loss of the previous flight plan data, so it is advised to save this flight plan before unlocking.