Marlyn can be assembled in under 2 minutes by one person and requires no tools. For a quick assembly walkthrough see the imbedded video.

For a more detailed assembly guide remove Marlyn from its backpack, and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Landing Rods

First carefully insert the small landing leg into each wing as shown. Ensure that the leg is pushed all the way into the wing.

Step 2: Wing Rods

Insert the 2 carbon rods all the way into the wing base on each wing as shown. Check the connector for any form of dirt or moisture if you have been operating in dusty environments.

Step 3: Connect Wings

Being careful of the fragile landing legs, gently slide the wings into the mid-part until you feel a click.

Step 4: Check Wing Connection

Ensure that the connection mechanism has fully clicked in. A small gap will be visible between the wing and the mid-part but this is fine.

Step 5: Remove Pitot Cover

Gently remove the Pitot tube cover. Simply undo the Velcro strap and pull vertically on the cover to remove it. Be careful while doing this as Pitot is a fragile component.

Step 6: Check Propellers for Damage

Check the propellers for small cracks or damage, especially at the edges. This is especially important for the first flight of the day, or if Marlyn has been in transit.  

Step 7: Insert Batteries

Insert two fully charged batteries in Marlyn as shown. The order in which this is done does not matter. For your safety the aircraft is not yet powered on with the exception of the autopilot, PPK, and camera module. 

At the moment the first battery is plugged in, the smart anti-collision lights will flash a few times, if they don’t turn off then do not proceed through the checklist and contact Atmos UAV support. 

Once these steps are complete, press ‘Next’ to continue to the next checklist item.