Camera Checks

In this segment the Camera is checked to ensure it is ready for survey-grade mapping, the segment will appear as shown.

Step 1: Select Camera

Use the drop-down menu to select the camera which corresponds to the payload within Marlyn. 

Step 2: Remove Lens Cap

Ensure that you have removed the lens cap and cleaned the lens to ensure the Marlyn captures survey-grade imagery during the flight.

Step 3: Attach Cover

Attach the cover. Align the base of the cover with the base of the PPK antenna, then allow the magnets to pop the lid into the correct position.

Step 4: Check Cover

Once closed, check that the edge of the cover is flush with the front of the drone as per the image.

After locking, flick the edges of the cover to ensure that the lid has closed and locked correctly. The lid should firmly hold to the body during this flick test! 

Once all of these checks are complete, press ‘Next’ to proceed to the next segment.