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The Checklist Tab

To begin the digital checklist, click the ‘Checklist’ tab on the left side of the program, the screen as shown will be displayed.

Checklist: Active and Passive Items

The steps required for the Digital Checklist are split into ‘Active’ and ‘Passive’ checks. Large boxes such as the ‘Assemble Wings’ step represent Active checks in which the user must perform an action, smaller boxes such as ‘Battery’ shown below represent Passive checks in which the user must verify the status, but no physical action is required from the user.

Checklist: Active Item Completion

When an Active step is completed, click anywhere on the box to mark it as complete, the completed Active check will show up grey (as shown above by ‘Assemble Wings’). 

Checklist: Passive Item Completion

Passive steps will automatically turn; 

  • Light Grey for a successful check (as shown by ‘Radio Link’)
  • Red for a failed check (as shown by ‘Autopilot’)
  • Orange with ‘?’ for an unknown result (as shown by ‘Controller Link’), in which case a yellow question mark will also appear. 
  • Orange with ‘!’ when a warning is present; this is only a notification and will not prevent you from flying (e.g. a lower then recommended battery health) but it is recommended to take action on these as soon as possible. 

Checklist: Navigation

More information about each check can be accessed by pressing the icon in the bottom right corner of each box. 

For easy navigation, the Digital Checklist is divided into individual segments which can be seen to the left. 

Completed segments are marked with a dark blue tick, (as shown by the ‘Assemble Marlyn’ segment), incomplete or failed segments are marked with a red cross (as shown by the ‘Position Marlyn’ segment), and segments with an unknown result are represented by an orange question mark (as shown by the ‘Camera’ step).

Most segments are inaccessible until previous segments have been completed. Completed segments are shown with a green vertical line to the left of the title (as seen next to ‘Assemble Marlyn’ check’), and inaccessible segments are shown with a grey vertical line to the left of the title. 

Once all steps of a segment are checked and do not present any failures, press ‘Next’ to continue to the next step of the checklist. To reset the checklist at any time, press the  button in the top-right corner of the checklist navigation.