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Connect Marlyn to your PC

To download the Autopilot and PPK Logs, first connect the Drone to your PC using the supplied USB-C cables. The USB connection to the left of the batteries corresponds to the autopilot, and the connection to the right of the batteries corresponds to the PPK module. 

Initiate Download

Once the drone is connected you can then press the ‘Download’ tab within Geotagger.

PPK module: Once the PPK module is connected, you have the option to download the individual log files by pressing 'Download'. A timestamp will be displayed DD-MM-YYYY HHhMM UTC. The files are downloaded to the folder '2 - PPK Rover Log' and after downloading you have the option to delete the file by pressing 'Erase'.

Autopilot module: Once the Autopilot is connected, the files can be downloaded individually by pressing ‘Download’. By default, the 'Geotagging' log selection is selected. Only if the 'Diagnostic' log is requested by Atmos should it be selected and downloaded.

To identify individual flights, the file name has the following convention DD-MM-YYYY HHhMM UTC. The files will be downloaded to the folder ‘3 – AP Log’, and once downloaded you have the option to remove the file by pressing ‘Erase all’. 

After this step it is also advised to insert the RINEX data from your base station or VRS (if using) and upload it to the folder ‘4 – PPK Base’. 

After the data is downloaded you can disconnect the drone from the USB ports.