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How to plan a flight

Planning a mapping flight is done with the ‘Navigator’ software, which is a single tool for both planning and executing your mapping flights. Flight planning can be done in the field, but also back at the office and downloaded to be taken into the field offline. 

Upon launching the software with an internet connection it will check for updates. If no connection or update is present the program will launch normally, if a new version is available the software will ask you if you want to download the new version. You must always run the newest version of Navigator when flying. 

The image to the left shows the initial screen of Navigator, always by default on the flight planning tab. The different tabs that can be used are shown on the left side of the screen. 

The Map Layers tab allows you to alter the visible background maps.

The Flight Plan tab contains all the tools necessary to plan a flight.

The Checklist tab contains a digital checklist to perform before each flight 

The Flight tab is used to monitor the aircraft during a flight.

The Setting tab is where some basic setting and system information is stored.