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Installing Essential Software

The first step in your Marlyn experience is installing all the software that is essential for operation. This essential software can be split up 2 categories; the software which is essential in the field, and the software needed for data-handling or upgrading your Marlyn. 

Depending on your organization you can decide if you want to install this software on the field laptop, on the computers in the office, or both.

The software developed by Atmos is listed below:

  • Navigator: For planning and performing mapping missions. Navigator needs to be installed on your field computer.

  • Atmos GeoTagger: Software designed to download data from your Marlyn, perform the PPK postprocessing and match them to the images you’ve captured with Marlyn. 

  • Atmos Firmware Update Center: Required for keeping your Marlyn firmware up-to-date with the latest release.