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Landing in High Winds

During landing in high wind conditions it is important to observe the aircraft for the tell-tale signs of over-spec winds mentioned in the previous Section.

If due to the high winds, Marlyn cannot control its position or appears to be drifting into surrounding obstacles during landing, press the mission switch on the RC to take over control of the drone and land safely.

At 20m, Marlyn will wait at altitude for the user to move Marlyn to manual control, and descend to 1-0.5m from the ground, after this point the technique for landing is slightly different. 

Landing in High Winds: Approach

From the moment that Marlyn is at 50cm from the ground, do not use the yaw, roll, or pitch input anymore and wait a few moments until Marlyn has stabilized, then only use the height control to perform the landing. If the positioning of Marlyn is not good at this point, go back to at least 2 meters, reposition Marlyn and try again.
Just before touching the ground (~20 cm), you can ‘flare’ Marlyn by increasing the throttle slightly. You will notice that Marlyn then rotates slightly more level with the ground. 

Landing in High Winds: Touch Down

Finally, ensuring that no horizontal movement is present, bring Marlyn down very gently on the lowest landing leg. Then turn off the motors and Marlyn will safely land.
By following these steps you will be able to fly Marlyn in high wind conditions safely and effectively.