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Figure 1

Linking to PPSDK License file

GeoTagger requires the PPSDK software library of Septentrio to be installed and configured correctly on your system. In order for PPSDK to work, a valid license file must be installed on your system, which must be validated using a USB key (the USB 'dongle'). This USB dongle must be inserted in your computer while using the software.

A PPK-Enabled Marlyn is shipped with two Septentrio-branded USB sticks, as shown in the image, an Orange and a Grey USB Stick. These sticks belong to each other: 

  •  The Orange USB stick contains the license file
  • The Grey USB Stick is the USB ‘dongle’ that belongs to the license file 

Copy License File

  1.  Insert the Orange USB stick in your computer
  2. Open the PP-SDK folder located on the USB stick, in which you’ll find the 'License' folder
  3. Copy the entire 'Licence' folder into a secure location on your PC.

PPSDK Settings Manager

  1. Insert the grey USB Dongle. 
  2. Open the ‘PPSDK Settings Manager’ by searching for it in the Windows start menu. 

Figure 4

Reference Licence File

  1. Within the PPSDK Settings Manager, refer to the License file you retrieved from the Orange USB stick and saved to your local files in the previous step. 
  2. Click on Apply to save the configuration.

GeoTagger will now be ready for use.