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Navigator's Emergency Functions

When the mapping flight is in progress the emergency functions bar is shown at the top of the screen. The explanation of these functions can be found below.

Emergency Functions: Go Home

When you want to abort at any time during the flight simply press the Go Home button. The aircraft will then initiate the return to home and landing approach sequence. While this is done the flight information screen shown on the left will appear.

Emergency Functions: Forced Landing

In case of incoming traffic, low batteries, a permanent loss of RC link or any other emergency situation, you can use the ‘Forced Landing’ button in Navigator.

If Marlyn is in Airplane Mode, it will immediately transition to Helicopter Mode and begin descent at 2.5 m/s, slowing to 0.6 m/s below 5m above the altitude of the home point. When Marlyn touches down and a jolt is detected, the Motors will continue to idle for 2 seconds before shutting off.

If Marlyn is in Helicopter Mode it will abort any automated takeoff or flight and immediately begin descent.

To activate the Forced Landing function, press the red ‘Forced Landing’ button on the Navigator Flight screen as shown. A warning will then appear as shown which dictates the risks involved. Once this is accepted the drone will begin the procedure. 

Emergency Functions: Divert Right

With a click on the 'Divert Right' button, Marlyn will immediately swerve to the right and start to loiter. This loiter will be at approximately 300m to the right of the current flight line or direction.

Once the danger has passed, the 'Resume flight' button can be clicked. Marlyn will then continue her flight.