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Position Marlyn

In this segment, Marlyn is prepared for flight by being placed in the home position in the correct orientation as per the checks as shown.

Position on Take-Off Location

Position Marlyn in the position you have planned the drone to take off from. This will act as the ‘Home Point’ for the flight. 

Ensure that Marlyn is steady on the ground, the propellers can rotate freely and that nothing can impede their rotation, like tall grass or other vegetation.

Verify that there are no loose items around the aircraft that could be blown away, or into the propellers.

Clear any Obstruction

Ensure that there is at least a 4 meter radius of clearance around the aircraft, and that there is nothing above Marlyn which might affect the it during take-off and landing, such as trees or powerlines.

Point Sensor into the Wind

Verify that Marlyn is positioned with the sensor facing into the wind. This is to ensure that Marlyn can take off safely, and it transitions to Airplane Mode in the correct orientation.