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Once you’ve created your flight plan you can go to the Checklist tab to start preparing the aircraft. Before you fly it is very important to consider the following: 

Make sure you are allowed to fly where you intend to fly. Ensure that you have the necessary permits and permissions needed to perform your mapping flight. 

Make sure that the weather conditions permit a safe flight: there should be no precipitation and the wind should be within the 45kph limit. 

The weather should not change for at least an hour to achieve a stable flight. Conditions can change rapidly, especially near mountains for example. Take this into account when planning your flight. 

Make sure that you have an empty airspace that is free of other (manned) aviation and other objects that could interfere with your flight such as but not limited to balloons, kites, large flocks of birds, high masts, buildings, high power RF equipment and power lines. 

When the items above check out further preparations can be done to start the flight.