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The Project Screen

Open the Geotagger software, this will open to the ‘Project’ screen as shown.

Within this project screen, you can easily organise the data such that nothing is missed or mistaken and that your final data remains easy to find.

Create New Project or Open Existing

If you are downloading the data for a new project, press ‘Create new’, and select the folder that you've created in the previous step.
You can create a new folder directly from this dialog. 
If you want to continue working on an earlier created project folder, press 'Open Existing' and browse to the project folder.

Folder Structure

The structure is as shown.

If you’re processing a project where the data has already been uploaded, you can also select ‘Open existing’, which will extract and read the existing data from the selected folder. Note that the folder structure must be the same as the default structure in order for the files to be read.

Project Overview

The information which has been read from the existing project files will be represented on the map on the right side of the screen, and a summary of the project data will be given under the ‘Project overview’ heading.