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Swapping Payloads

Marlyn's payloads can be swapped in seconds and do not require any tools. We've embedded a handy video for you to follow here.

For a complete in depth guide see the following steps.

Switching Payload Modules

While switching payloads, the batteries must be removed from the drone. After physically switching the camera, the compass must be recalibrated which is the last step in finalising the swap.

In order to switch the camera, the first task is to remove the module block from the mid-part and replace it with the new payload. For this you will be working with the camera module, and the payload clips as shown.

To begin the process, remove the payload clips by pulling them downwards. Place them somewhere secure or simply attach them to the magnets which typically hold the cover in place. 

Payload Removal

Once the clips are removed, you can take out the camera module by carefully pushing the compartment from the other side as shown in the image. 

Once removed, store the loose module in the specially designed backpack slot and attach the lens cap to protect the sensor from damage.

Payload Installation

Take the other payload module and position it in the mid-part of Marlyn. Place some pressure on the inside surface of the payload module until the module fits snugly into the mid-part. The outer surface of the payload module should be flush with the bottom surface of the drone. Attach the clips once more to lock the module in place. 

For a multispectral camera, the alternate cover featuring a space for the Downwelling Light Sensor (DLS) must also be used.