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Ready for take-off

After completing the pre-flight checklist and pressing ‘Ready’, the following screen will appear. 

Arm Motors

Check that the surrounding area is clear and that it is safe to take-off. Next follow the instructions on screen to take off Marlyn, first arming the motors by pressing in the Arm Switch (marked as 'D').     

Start Mission

Next turn Marlyn into Mission Mode by pressing in the Mission Switch (A), at this point Marlyn will take off.

After Take-off

After take-off the climbing altitude information will appear. The altitude that the aircraft is climbing to, set when creating the flight plan, is shown with the blue triangle. When it has reached this altitude Marlyn will automatically transition to Airplane Mode and fly towards the mapping area. 

Aborting During Climb

To abort the take off and start the landing sequence at any point during climb in Helicopter Mode, simply press the Mission Switch (A) on the RC to bring Marlyn into Manual Flight, then bring it in for a controlled landing manually using the RC.

Transition to Airplane Mode

Once the transition altitude as set in the flightplan is reached, Marlyn will transition. After transition, Marlyn has until 15 seconds to reach the minimum airspeed required to complete the transition successfully, turn off the helicopter motors, and turn towards the mapping region. 

The drone will then climb in a linear fashion between the transition point and the first mapping line, so it is worth checking that there are no impediments between the transition point and the starting point of the first mapping line. Set the Switch to airplane altitude high enough to keep clear of surrounding obstacles.