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Correct Configuration

To ensure that Marlyn is in the correct configuration for pre-flight, set all switches to neutral as shown below. Switches A and D should be in their outer position flush with the controller surface, and the B and C switches should be in the neutral position. 

Power on the RC by pressing the button at the base of the RC. If one of the switches is not in the neutral position as mentioned on the screen, the RC will start beeping until they are positioned correctly. 

RC Battery Check

Check if the Radio Controller (RC) has sufficient battery capacity. The battery status is displayed on the RC after it has been turned on as shown. The maximum is 4.2V, make sure it is above 3.5V before each flight. 

RC Antenna

The antenna of the RC can be rotated in a vertical or horizontal position. When in Helicopter Mode, the vertical position will provide best signal quality; when in Airplane Mode, the horizontal position is more favourable.

For take-off and landing, antenna should be set to its vertical position. For regular flights, this position can be kept throughout the complete flight. 

When flying far from the home point and requiring to control Marlyn using the RC, rotate the antenna to a horizontal position.