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Uploading New Firmware to Marlyn

For keeping Marlyn safe and effective and to prevent warranty void, it is necessary to ensure that the firmware is updated to the latest release. These releases could include performance updates and new features from our engineering team, but also could be fixing or improving issues or inefficiencies.

In order to upload new firmware use the ‘Marlyn Firmware Update Center’ software, for which the install link can be found in the guide 'Installing Essential Software' of this same chapter. 

When running this software, ensure there are no large programs are running in the background, and that you have sufficient PC battery for the operation to run to its completion.

Download firmware file

Save the new firmware file provided by the Atmos support team somewhere locally on your PC to ensure a smooth upload and to prevent instability.

Start Atmos Firmware Update Center

Start the Atmos Firmware Update Center by searching for this in the start menu and open it. 

Connect Marlyn to your PC

Using the provided USB-C cable, connect the USB from the PC into the Autopilot port on the drone. On Marlyn, this is the left USB port. 

Do not power Marlyn using the flight batteries. 

Once this is done you'll see 'Marlyn Cobalt' is listed as connected in the software. 

Select firmware file

Press ‘Select Firmware’, then select the relevant file you saved to your PC.

After selection, the firmware version and release date will be seen. You will also see 'ready for upload' at the base of the screen.

Upload the firmware

Press 'Update Firmware', this will update the firmware and remove the older version. 

The loading bar will indicate the progress of the upload process. 

Upon Completion, the software will show 'upload successful'. Once you see this, disconnect the USB cable and close the program.

Confirm successful upload

In order to check if the upload has been completed successfully, start Navigator and connect Marlyn via USB with Navigator without batteries. 

Once Marlyn is connected in Navigator, verify if Marlyn now runs the up-to-date firmware version by looking in the My Marlyn screen, which can be found in the settings tab.